Katy Perry Accidentally Exposes Butt at Water Park

Katy Perry

Wardrobe malfunctions can happen anytime, anywhere. But when youíre swimming in the sea or pool with strong current I think there are more chances of that happening as Katy Perry found out!

She inadvertently revealed her butt to fans while at the San Dimas water park yesterday. Katy seemed to enjoy herself as she tried surfing at the Raging Waters but she didnít realize that the waterís current was strong. It was so strong that it pulled her bikini bottoms down totally exposing her bum to all the people present in the area!

Itís a good thing one of her friends was near her and helped her rectify her wardrobe malfunction. Sheís lucky that she was facing the wall and only her butt was exposed! I think aside from the strong current, Katyís bikini choice wasnít the best since it wasnít tight enough around her hip.

In fairness, Katy has a flawless butt. Anyway, Katy didnít appear embarrassed by what happened. She just laughed the incident off.

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