Macaulay Culkin Attends Natalie Portmanís Wedding

Macaulay Culkin

Well, well, aside from Ivanka Trump one of the famous names who attended Natalie Portman and Benjamin Millepiedís wedding was Macaulay Culkin! His nameís making the rounds these days after National Enquirer alleged that heís badly hooked on heroin and has a $6,000-a month habit!

Macaulay usually chooses to be by himself and shuns public appearances so, him attending Natalieís wedding was kind of a surprise. But I guess he couldnít say no since he and Natalie have been pals for a long time according to a Us Weekly source. Incidentally, Mac also dated Natalieís Black Swan co-star Mila Kunis for several years.

Although he was at the wedding, no there are no photos to prove his presence. I hope some recent photos of him will surface so that weíll know how heís doing these days. His rep denied that Mac is addicted to heroin and that he is in perfectly good health. Well, if we saw recent photos of him weíll know if thatís indeed true.

It would be great to see him healthy and not gaunt and sick-looking the way he was in February.

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