PETA Gets Austin Armacost Naked in Latest Ad!

PETA has had a handful of A-list celebrities going naked for its anti-fur campaigns over the past years. Guess who’s joining the long list? It’s reality TV star Austin Armacost! He’s also a former flame of renowned designer Marc Jacobs, if you have some difficulty placing him.

His new ad for PETA will definitely get attention, as is the purpose. It features Armacost, naked on a runway with his back to the camera and holding a sign with the line “Turn Your Back on Fur.” But I think first thing that’s going to get noticed in this ad is his very, very shapely butt! The sign will be just secondary.

The ad is actually aimed at gay fashion designers and stylists who still use fur. PETA is intending to put this new eye-catching ad in the Chelsea district in New York as well as in West Hollywood in L.A.

This new ad which will launch before the New York Fashion Week in September will also contain QR codes that will lead users an expose about the fur industry that will surely deter people from wearing fur.

This new d by PETA will definitely get people’s attention. Do you agree?

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