Kate Upton’s Voluptuous Curves on GQ

Kate Upton

Kate Upton once again shows off her famous curves in a photo shoot for GQ magazine. She’s back to the clothing where she feels most at home in, a two-piece bikini! But in some of the photos, it looks like she’s paying homage to the famous 90’s TV series “Baywatch” particular y to Pamela Anderson’s pose with the blue skies and palm trees in the background. Kate even has an orange lifeguard float propped at the back of her head she poses on the beach.

But I don’t think many will notice that prop. All eyes will gravitate downward where her dotted two-piece orange bikini top barely holds up her ample bosom; and of course the tiny orange triangle down below.

But you know what? This isn’t the most daring photo from her GQ spread. There’s one where she lays back on the grass, topless, with only her hands covering her boobs. She has small hands so they’re barely covered. Aside from covering them, Kate appears to squeeze them up and together as she stares back into the camera.

Inside the spread are photos of her wearing a white cropped top as she rises from the pool. She also shows her patriotism in a bikini made up of the colors of the American flag as she licks a popsicle.

Guys will definitely be pouring over the July edition of GQ because of this.

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