Justin Bieber Suffers Concussion in Glass Door Incident

Justin Bieber Concussion

Wow it looks like the stars are not in favor of Justin Bieber these days. Just a few days ago he had a foul run-in with a paparazzo and now heís been in another nasty incident! But donít worry this time around itís just him and a glass door!

He was in Paris doing a concert at that time when he walked right into a glass door! Ouch!

Justin must have been very preoccupied with his songs and performance that he did not notice the glass door right in front of him. And boy it was a high-impact one because he felt disoriented afterwards. But since he still had a duty to his fans, Justin went back to the stage for his last song.

When he got off the stage, thatís when he lost consciousness for about 15 seconds. A doctor was in front of him when he came to and told him that he had a concussion. Fans donít have to worry because heíll be alright.

When asked if he was embarrassed by the incident, Justin said itís just one of the things in life that you just have to laugh about. Indeed!

Anyway, to Justinís entourage, best steer him clear of glass doors and glass windows! They donít get along too well!

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