Emma Watson’s “Bling Ring” Prep Involved Doses of Reality TV

Emma Watson

I’m kinda missing Seeing Emma Watson at red carpet events so I hope her new movie “Bling Ring” gets released soon so we can get a glimpse of her. Does the title ring a bell? It should! You probably heard about a group referred to as such who robbed the homes of several Hollywood celebrities. Well, their exploits served as the inspiration for director Sofia Coppola’s latest film, which stars Emma.

Emma looks on every role she undertakes as a challenge and prepares really well to make sure she delivers it perfectly. But in this one she gets to play one of the burglars! So how did she prepare for it? By watching tons of reality TV!

The 22-year-old told Entertainment Weekly how she would go from reading Virginia Wolf to watching Kim Kardashian. But what’s more interesting is how Emma compares these two experiences. She said it was a mix of “super-high and super-low culture.” It’s not too difficult to see she refers to Virgina Wolf as the super-high culture while Kim Kardashian’s reality T V show is the super-low culture! That’s a big ouch for the Kardashians! I wonder how they will react to Emma’s statement.

Anyhow, Emmas “Bling Ring” movie will also stars Taissa Farmiga, Israel Broussard, Katie Chang and Claire Julien.

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