Taylor Swift Releases “Eyes Open” Video, Donates $4M to Museum

Taylor Swift

The video for Taylor Swift’s song “Eyes Open,” which is one of the soundtracks for the movie “Hunger Games,” is out! Have you seen it? The music video is unlike any Taylor Swift music video you’ve been before. It doesn’t feature anybody, no actors and actresses, simply pens and papers dancing around and scribbling the words of the song.

“Eyes Open” video is very different but watching it once is enough for me. I don’t see anything that special in it for me. Listening to the song would suffice for me.

Anyway, the country music superstar played the philanthropist by donating $4 million to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum in Nashville. Such amount will surely go a long in educating kids to appreciate and learn more about country music. It will specifically be used to fund what will be called as the Taylor Swift Education Center, which will be composed of an exhibit and classroom space that will be open in 2014.

The Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum has an expansion project going on right now and the Taylor Swift Education will be a part of it.

Officials of the Museum said that Taylor’s $4 million donation is the largest given by an artist and the second largest from an individual. Beautiful, talented as well as generous that’s Taylor Swift! Good job girl!

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