Robert Pattinson’s Premiere Shoot Pays Tribute to Cronenberg

Robert Pattinson

In his photo shoot for French magazine Premiere, Robert Pattinson is so is so different from the Edward Cullen persona that we’ve grown to love. This time he takes the dark road in portraying some of the scenes in director David Cronenberg’s famous films like Videodrome, Bel Ami and Cosmopolis.

I have to say some of them look gruesome! Especially the one where he’s laying head down on the sofa with this huge gash on his stomach! And the one where he sits on the same sofa, showing off the wound while sitting beside him is a blonde.

But I think the one that people are going to react to is the photo where he’s on a bed, naked, with just a silky red blanket covering his private part. And there’s a pregnant woman by his side. Rob appears to be looking intently at her. But then it’s a case of looking double as at the other side of the pregnant woman is another image of Rob.

Apparently, this dark but unique shoot was all Rob’s idea. He wanted it to be a tribute to his favorite director David Cronenberg. Rob is very thankful to Cronenberg for giving him a great role in Cosmopolis, which will be shown in Cannes on May 25.

By the way, don’t wonder why Rob looks exhausted in the photos since the whole shoot took 13 hours!

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