Russell Brand Regrets Divorcing Katy Perry

Russell Brand

Itís true that sometimes you only realize the value of something only when itís gone. Such is the case of comedian Russell Brand. He now feels that he did not fight enough and gave up too soon on his marriage to singer Katy Perry. He admitted that filing for divorce was the biggest mistake he ever made in his life.

Apparently, Russell realized just how important his ex-wife is after seeing photos of Katy cozying up to Robert Ackroyd of the band Florence and The Machine during the Coachella festival last month. Seeing those photos aroused the green-eyed monster in Russell and prompted him to write and a long email stating his feelings about giving up on their marriage too soon.

But aside from that, Russellís also asking for a second chance with Katy. When Russell filed for divorce last December he cited irreconcilable differences.

Oh well itís a crazy world indeed. I wonder how Katy felt when she read Russellís emotional email. Would give in and allow him a second chance?

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