John Travolta Has Proof He’s Not Guilty as Second Lawsuit is Filed Against Him!

John Travolta

Actor John Travolta called the assault and sexual battery lawsuit against him complete fiction and pure fabrication. And now Travolta shows that he can prove it! That’s right.

The actor has photos and restaurant receipt showing that he was actually in New York, which is 2,475 miles away from Los Angeles when the alleged assault and sexual battery happened!

TMZ managed to acquire the photos as well as copy of the receipt and they were also able to confirm the authenticity of the said documents! The receipt from a restaurant called Mr. Chow in New York clearly shows the date as January 16, 2012, in 121 Hudson St. New York! It can be seen there clearly that he paid $382.69 for the whole meal and gave a tip of $100.

I think this is a very solid proof that could totally topple the masseur’s case against the actor.

And the plot thickens as just yesterday, another masseur filed a similar lawsuit against the actor! In this new suit, the masseur is accusing the actor of trying to grasp his genitals during a massage session last January 28. This time the location was in Atlanta. But the same lawyer by the name of Okorie Okorocha is handling the second lawsuit.

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