Bad Romance: Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Breakup

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney Breakup

No time for romance. Lady Gaga has declared her break up with boyfriend of ten months, Vampire Diaries star, Taylor Kinney. They started to date since their team up in Lady G’s video for “You and I” sometime in July 2011.

According to US Weekly magazine, Gaga will be on tour until next year and she has admitted to herself that the tour and her relationship simply cannot exist at the same time. With her busy schedule there won’t be time for other things, much less a love life.

Lady Gaga will be going on a 110-show tour which will last until next year as well as record a new album so she decided to ditch the most disposable part of her life, her boyfriend. Although I think she isn’t as callous as that, right. According to a source, Taylor wasn’t a perfect boyfriend and didn’t really “get” the singer.

Well, no great loss for Lady Gaga, then. Let’s just wish her luck on her Born this Way Ball tour.

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