Rihanna Showers Money on Scantily-Clad Dancers in Strip Club!

Rihanna’s love for strip clubs is not a secret. She’s visited a few in the past. But photos of those incidents weren’t controversial unlike these recent ones! Riri herself posted them on her Twitter account yesterday inviting hullabaloo once again.

One photo shows her standing over two dancers in a controversial pose while imitating a sexual act. As she stood close by, Riri showered dollar bills on the two.

The second photo has her standing, drink between her lips, as she counts money while another scantily-clad dancer prances in front of her!

Rihanna accompanied the photos with messages. In one of them she said that her daddy would be proud. But it seems, Riri regretted her actions the night before when she tweeted about repenting and feeling like a sinner.

This latest escapade proves she really loves strip clubs and girls!

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