Mariah Carey Suffers Wedgie at Austrian Concert

Mariah Carey at Austrian Concert

Eeek! Having a front wedgie is one of the worst things that a woman can do! But there are still lots of celebrities that commit this dreadful mistake. The latest to do that is diva Mariah Carey! Mariah has slimmed down a lot since giving birth to the twins and I know she likes to flaunt her svelte figure now. But why did she have to wear the super tight red spandex jumpsuit to her Austrian concert on Monday?

The jumpsuit left nothing to the imagination as it outlines every womanly curve she has! And even the curves that arenít supposed to be displayed! Iím sure everyone at the Top of the Mountain Concert in Ischgl saw more than what they paid for. The red jumpsuit was obviously a bad choice.

The wedgie wouldnít have been obvious if she had a long top. But since she chose a cropped fur-trimmed jacket, it was put on display. Iím not sure if she was aware of it because she was all smiles during her entire performance.

Well, Iím sure she knows it by now and I hope she throws that red jumpsuit away because itís not doing her any favors!

Oh and another lesson from this experience, look into a full-length mirror before venturing out in public.

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