Jason Trawick Approved as Co-Conservator Over Britney Spears

Britney Spears and Jason Trawick

It’s official! Aside from being Britney Spears’ fiancé, Jason Trawick is now a co-conservator as well! Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz approved the request on Wednesday, April 25.

After the hearing on Wednesday, Attorney Geraldine Wyle told the reporters that Britney’s father Jamie Spears was thrilled over the judge’s decision.

However, Wyle also cleared up that it wasn’t Jamie who requested that Jason be made co-conservator. It was actually Britney. This shows that Brit trusts him unreservedly that she’s willing to put her well-being in his hands. Anyway, Jason will only be in charge of his fiancée’s general well-being meaning her food, clothing and medical care.

Britney’s finances will remain under the management of her father and another lawyer as they’ve done since 2008 after her psychological breakdown.

This conservatorship stuff will only be lifted once a judge determines that the pop princess is well enough to handle her own affairs.

Anyhow I’m happy Britney got her request! I think this will strengthen the bond that she and Jason share.

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