Katherine Heigl and Josh Kelley Adopt Again!

Katherine Heigl

Katherine Heigl is very happy with her life as a mom that she decided to adopt for the second time! Her rep Jill Fritzo confirmed the news to People. But Fritzo did not reveal anything more besides saying that Katherine and her singer hubby Josh Kelley have adopted.

As of now, we can just speculate whether itís another girl or a boy or whether itís an infant or a 6-year old. National Enquirer is claiming that itís a baby girl from Louisiana. Well, the baby could be from another country for all we know!

This is the second time for Katherine and her hubby Josh Kelley to adopt. Three years ago they also adopted a baby girl from South Korea who they named Naleigh.

I have nothing against adoption but why donít they try having a baby of their own? I mean a biological baby? In an interview last January, Katherine revealed that she and Josh talked about adopting even before they got engaged but they also planned on having biological children. I hope they make one soon. Itíd be interesting to see what the result of their combined genes look like!

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