Kate Beckinsale Says Twilight Almost Ruined Their Christmas

Kate Beckinsale

Christmas almost got ruined for Kate Beckinsale’s family! And the one to blame is the popular vampire franchise “Twilight!” You see her 13-year-old daughter Lily got so obsessed with Twilight after reading the books that she didn’t want to have anything to do with Christmas!

Kate revealed that Lily only wanted to pay vampire and did not want to have anything on her Christmas list! I guess Kate was able to convince her otherwise as the festive day drew nearer.

Well, at least Lily loves to read! I’m guessing not many girls her age today have the same interest in books. But it seems that interest has been inherited from her mother! Kate herself is a voracious reader! And for this I applaud Kate.

This love for books is what inspired the British actress to join The Nestle Share the Joy Reading Program for the National Reading Month.

By the way, Lily is Kate’s daughter with actor Michael Sheen. Kate is now married to film maker Len Wiseman.

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