Kevin Costner Says Princess Diana Wanted to Star in “The Bodyguard 2”

Kevin Costner and Princess Diana

Can you imagine the late Princess Diana as an actress? You know actually acting on the big screen? I can’t! You know how her life has been laid out to the public ever since she became Princess of Wales and privacy was something she yearned for when she was alive so, going into the moves was, I think, the farthest from her mind!

But Hollywood actor Kevin Costner insists that Princess Diana was all set to be his leading lady in the sequel to the blockbuster movie “The Bodyguard!” Can you believe that? The sequel temporarily entitled “The Bodyguard 2” was about a princess who needed security from stalker and paparazzi that continually harass her.

The 52-year-old told Anderson, a US ABD TV talk show, that he and Diana had been talking out making the Bodyguard 2 and he told her he would take care of her the way he took care of Whitney. He also revealed Princess Diana wanted him to write it for her. He told her “I’ll tailor it for you if you’re interested” and she answered “I am interested.” Unfortunately, Kevin received the second draft of the script the day before Princess Diana died in the Paris car crash.

What do you think of Kevin’s revelation? Frankly, I just can’t imagine Princess Diana making a movie and attracting even more publicity that she doesn’t want or need!

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