Mel Gibson Defends Himself from Anti-Semitic Accusations!

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson is in the headlines once again amidst screenwriter Joe Eszterhas’ anti-Semitic accusations!

Celebrity website The Wrap obtained a copy of Eszterhas’ 9-page letter to Gibson wherein he accuses the star of being an anti-Jew. In it he said that Mel continually refers to Jews as “Hebes,” “oven-dodgers” and “Jewboys.”

Aside from the anti-Semitic bit, Eszterhas also revealed that Mel vowed to kill his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva during their bitter custody battle over their child Lucy.

But on Thursday, the “Braveheart” actor fired back at the screenwriter’s accusations. He said that what Eszterhas were “utter fabrications” and that he was only angry because his script got rejected. This script was for “The Maccabees” movie that Mel was supposed to direct under Warner Bros. but it was rejected because it lacked feeling and a sense of triumph. In his open letter to Eszterhas, Mel said that the script was very substandard first draft and was a waste of time.

Eszterhas further said in his letter that Mel never had any intention of doing the movie and that he only announced the movie in order to redeem himself to the public because anti-Semitism accusations continue to follow him and are affecting his career.

Though it’s hard to judge, which of the two camps is telling the truth?

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