Angelina Jolie Takes a Different Role in “Maleficient”

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie’s latest film “Maleficient” will be shown in theatres on March 14, 2014! Excited are you? Even though that’s still two years away, it is worth the wait! Read on for the reasons why.

In this film, Angie is undertaking a role she’s never taken before, that of a villain! Angelina plays the villainous fairy Maleficient in the Disney Studios film of the same title. Though Angie lent her voice in Kung Fu Panda, this will be Angie’s film since “The Tourist” in 2010 so for sure fans will flock the cinemas just to watch their idol.

So, aside from the fact that this will be a very different role for Angie, Disney is also taking a different course in telling the story. The story “Maleficient” delves into the story as told by the evil fairy herself! In here we will know the reason why she cursed Princess Aurora. Elle Fanning will be the one to play Princess Aurora. As of now, there’s still no news regarding the other casts in the movie.

In a previou interview with Entertainment Weekly, Angie revealed that Maleficient has a very great script and her children are very happy about her role.

We’ll definitely be watching out more about “Maleficient!”

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