Rihanna Debuts Black Hair with a Twist!

Rihanna Black Hair

Rihanna changes her look so fats we can hardly keep up! In case you donít know yet, the R&B star has swapped her blonde look to brunette! We know that for a fact because Riri herself posted several photos of her new brunette locks on Twitter.

She debuted her new look yesterday on the microblogging site with the message ďCuz Iím black b**ch.Ē The photo link shows a photo of her in three posed while proudly wearing long black hair. But itís not just boring black hair. Notice that the left side has a buzz cut while left the long dark tresses alone on the right side.

A short while after posting that photo Riri posted another photo of her wearing a Mohawk style cut. That was in response to a fan pointing out that her new style is somewhat similar to her Mohawk style some time ago. It came with the message ďI was missin she, but I aint ready to chop ha.Ē

Going back to black is ideal since the dark roots were already showing a lot in her previous blond style. The dark hair color looks more natural too. I like it!

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