January Jones Gets Energy Boost from Own Placenta!

January Jones

Juggling work and motherhood has been a challenge for new mom January Jones. The 34-year-old Mad Men star revealed that she went back to work just six weeks after giving birth to her son in September last year. Where did she get all the energy to cope? Now donít be nauseous, itís from her placenta vitamins!

Your stomach might be feeling a little queasy now just like mine did when I read about her placenta energy booster! I guess we should give her some credit that itís actually her own placenta which she had turned into vitamin capsules. But still, itís placenta! Sounds yucky doesnít it?

Apparently, January has a doula or labour coach who oversees her diet. And it seems thatís the person who recommended she takes placenta vitamins.

However, January swears by its energy boosting power that she also urges other moms to do the same.

But if it were you, would you ingest your own placenta? In whatever form in may be it sure sounds gross to me!

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