David and Victoria Beckham Sells Beckingham Palace

David and Victoria Beckham

Itís US for us from now on, baby. David and Victoria Beckham have decided to make Los Angeles, USA, their permanent home by putting up their UK mansion for sale.

Hertfordshire, or also known as Beckingham Palace, is listed for a staggering £18million or $29million. The couple acquired the property in 1999 just after they were married and since then has made renovations amounting to millions.

The family moved to LA in 2007 when David signed on with the local team LA Galaxy. They decided to sell their property, including another one in France, because according to David, "We love living in LA, we love living in America. We've adapted to the culture and everything the country has." Also their sons are currently going to schools there and they welcomed only daughter, Harper, during this time in the States.

David has signed on for another two years with LA Galaxy earlier this year. His decision to do so stemmed from the fact that they didnít want to disrupt their kids.

By putting up for sale their two properties, it seems that they are also cutting off their ties with Europe. Not so, Victoria has her business in London and is in fact looking for something smaller to stay in while sheís there.

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