And God Created ... Vanna Bonta!


If you've ever been to Washington DC, then you must have walked under the west entrance facade of the National Cathedral. It's a beautiful, awe inspiring piece of architecture.
But if you're wondering what that's got to do with Vanna Bonta ... then I'll tell you that woman is just full of surprises!
Take a good look at the massive sculpture over the west entrance of the Cathedral, that work of art is by master sculptor Frederick Hart and is called "Ex Nihilo" ("the Creation of Mankind out of Nothing, as Narrated in the Book of Genesis").

It portrays God's creation of humankind, men and women taking form from a vortex void of chaos .. and that beautiful, perfect form of a woman (second one on the left) is Vanna Bonta!!!

Vanna zoom

Here's how it all plays out .. back in the day when the sculpture was being sculpted! Vanna posed for the piece and got paid $6.50 an hour. Her mother was concerned for the nudity but Vanna assured her it was a Renaissance tradition (like in Florence Italy's good old days!) and the human form was pure.

Can you imagine being immortalized in stone on a place like this?
It sure is something grand!

This place has so much history and it opens to spirituality of all religion. The mother of mega publisher William Randolph Hearst founded the National Cathedral School for Girls on the property before the cathedral was built. Martin Luther King delivered his last Sunday sermon from the cathedral pulpit in 1968. Helen Keller and her teacher are buried there, and US Presidents. And Vanna Bonta modeled for God's creation.

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