Paris Jackson: Is She Heartbroken?

Paris Jackson

Was Paris really feeling something special for Romeo Hodges? Her tweets on Tuesday indicated she’s going through some personal issues.

It was only last week that Michael Jackson’s daughter, Paris, was teasingly exchanging tweets with aspiring rapper Romeo Hodges and then suddenly telling her followers that “It was a joke,” and not to be taken seriously.

She posted, "Here's to the girls who don't wear 5 trillion pounds of makeup everyday, who only have a few close friends, and who don't get that boy.”

"Here's to the girls that fall for the players, the jocks, the nerds, the geeks, and worse, their best friend... Here's 2 the girls who have felt theirheart break whether it's b/c (because) of an exbest friend or an exboyfriend which have loved unconditionally... Here's to the girls that wear sweatpants just because they don't care."
Paris also tweeted, "How do you wake up from a nightmare if you're not asleep?"

What do you make of that? She’s only 13.

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