Newt Promises Human Colony on Moon! Come on!

Newt Gingrich aiming for the moon!

When you think of an election campaign and the promises given to people -in order to collect votes-, what are some of the important question you want answered? What are the promises that you want fulfilled?
I can come up with a few in seconds; more jobs, less taxes, better health services, better education, safety in the streets and conserving the environment, only to name a few ... but the last thing on my mind and on yours -i guess- would be "colonizing the moon" !!
Where the heck did this idea come from, you might ask. Well, it came from Newt Gingrich!
Although this might be the last idea on your mind, and mine, it ain't the last on Newt's list!
Newt actually promised a "human colony on the moon" by the end of his second term.
The guy isn't only promising "Star Trek inspired ideas" but is dreaming of a second term already!
Come on Newt! Fix the problems of housing on Earth first and then think of the moon!

Let's put Newt, his promises and strange idea's aside for a bit.

Lots of people have thought of colonizing space and all what comes with that of human interactivity, like the most basic of activities, sex! And Vanna Bonta invented the "2suit", which is supposed to help couples get intimate in zero gravity.

2suit patch

Vanna's invention has inspired people to think of Honeymoons in space or maybe a Honeymoon on the moon ... after all it's "moon" that makes the word what it is!

But it seems sex in zero gravity isn't really easy. There are many reasons like no room for privacy, no mood or romantic atmosphere, physiological problems and other more complicated medical problems!

What do you think?

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