Men In Black 3 Trailer Promises More Action and Fun!

Men In Black 3

Are you a fan of the Men in Black movies? Well, for sure youíve been waiting a long time for another follow up to the super successful detective-comedy right? Well you only need to wait a little longer because Men in Black 3 will be hitting cinemas in June 2012.

The official trailer was released on Monday to give you a sneak peek at the things to expect from the third installment. The trailer immediately went viral upon its release.

Men in Black 3 is about a secret government agency that hides extraterrestrial aliens among humans. However, this new movie has an interesting twist when agent Jay (Will Smith) finds his partner Agent Kay missing, only to find that heís been dead for 40 years!

Iíve seen the trailer (Men In Black 3 Official Trailer) and it sure promises some great new antics and lots of fun! Canít wait to watch it! How about you?

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