Just a Friendly Night Out Between Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer

Robert Pattinson and Sarah Roemer

Tongues went wagging after pictures of Twilight star Robert Pattinson with another woman hit the Internet this past weekend. The woman he was with wasn’t exactly a mystery woman as some articles made her out to be. She was Disturbia actress Sarah Roemer!

And because Rob was spotted with another woman, many began speculating that perhaps his relationship with girlfriend Kristen Stewart is not going well.

However, those speculations can be put to rest because Rob and Sarah are just friends. During that time they were photographed, they were actually with a group of friends at La Poubelle in L.A. A source who saw them together with the group told Hollywoodlife.com that the two weren’t flirty and that they just seem like friends hanging out.

Well, I should hope so. Kristen won’t like it at all if she learns that Rob’s doin’ some hanky panky while she’s busy filming Snow White.

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