Pakistani Actress Veena Malik in Hot Water for Nude Photo!

Pakistani actress Veena Malik has been criticized for posing in the nude and showing off a tattoo of Pakistan’s powerful and feared intelligence agency named Inter Services Intelligence or ISI. Her nude photo has been gathering lots of attention ever since it was published in FHM India ahead of the December issue publication.

Offended Pakistani groups and individuals condemn her latest act. Conservative Adbul Qawi called this venture a “shame for all Muslims” during an interview with Aaj TV on Saturday.

Malik, however, defended her actions. She said she did not agree to a nude photo shoot with FHM. It was supposed to be a “bold but not nude shot.” In addition, she said that including the ISI tattoo was FHM Indian Editor Kabeer Sharma’s idea. According to her, Sharma promised that he would cover the upper portion of her body with the ISI initials but that did not happen.

When Malik appeared on Pakistan’s Geo TV she said, “I agreed to a photo shoot and having an ISI tattoo in a humorous way but I did not have any nude photos. My pictures have been morphed.” However, Sharma was singing a different tune when he spoke to Geo TV. He said that Malik was very excited for the shoot and that it was her who “asked to make a bold tattoo of ISI".

Pakistani Interior minister Rehman Malik said the government to look into the nudity matter. “If she has done so, she did wrong. But, these pictures are tempered many times and we will look into this issue,” he declared.

Malik and her lawyers have already filed a lawsuit against FHM India. The suit demands that the “morphed” photos be removed from the website and should not appear on the FHM December issue. They are also demanding RS 100,000,000 or around $2 million in damages.

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