Robert Pattinson is Still the World’s Sexiest Man!

Robert Pattinson World Sexiest Man

Robert Pattinson’s sex appeal is as strong as ever! For the third time in a row, Rob landed the top spot as the world’s sexiest man! This is based on a poll conducted by U.K. Glamour magazine. Twi-hard fans are still intoxicated by his charm.

Rob is not the only Twilight star to make it to the top 10. Taylor Lautner came a close second to Rob. Hmm Team Jacob how could you let your idol down?

Trailing in third place Pirates of the Caribbean actor Johnny Depp; fourth is David Beckham and fifth is Zac Efron.

That Rob is the sexiest man in the world was not just decided by hundreds but by thousands! According to U.K. Glamour magazine editor 40,000 readers cast their votes in the poll conducted. Wow! Majority of them are women that’s for sure; however, would they still love Rob now that Kristen has admitted that he is really her boyfriend?

Are you convinced that Robert Pattinson is the sexiest man in the world?

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