Beyonce Shows Different Faces “Countdown” Video Teaser!

Beyonce Countdown Video Teaser

Beyonce’s fourth single from her latest studio album “4” is just about to drop. “Countdown” is a danceable track that Beyonce’s fans would surely love! And more good news is that, the diva already has a music video ready for “Countdown!” In fact, it will make its debut on Thursday, just two nights to go.

A snippet of Beyonce’s “Countdown” video made its way online to make fans even more excited. The teaser which last only for 30 seconds shows the 30-year-old batting her eyelashes and flirting with the camera. And then she’s shown against a black and white background while moving her arms like the hands of a clock.

The video snippet shows lots of close-up shots and body shaking moves! It’s amazing that Beyonce can still dance like that even though she’s pregnant. And by the way, she showcases her baby bump in the video! That’s one thing you shouldn’t miss when you watch it.

If rumors are to be believed, it seems Beyonce has already made videos for the rest of the tracks in her “4” album. They probably did that in advance because when her tummy gets bigger it would be hard to perform dance routines needed in the videos.

Are you looking forward to “Countdown?”

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