Furious Sandra Bullock Blasts Pregnancy Rumors

Sandra Bullock on OK Magazine Cover

When OK Magazine makes a rumor, they really take it to the extreme! The magazine did not only declare that Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds is an item. Everyone’s talking about it so that’s nothing new. However, OK Magazine went as far as to say that Sandra is pregnant with Ryan’s baby! Now that’s a shocker!

The latest issue of OK shows Sandra and Ryan on the cover with the title “Ryan Makes Sandra Happier than Ever with A Baby at 47!” The magazine further insinuates that Sandra is on the verge of fulfilling another dream and that is to conceive a baby with Ryan Reynolds.

Sandra is already a mother to 19-month old Louis, her adopted baby boy. Ryan allegedly signed on to become baby Louis adoptive dad, according to the magazine.

So did Sandra react to the pregnancy rumors? You betcha! She was so mad she got in touch with Entertainment Tonight to slam the allegations. If you watched the show, perhaps you heard presenter Samantha Harris say that Sandra “is not pregnant and has no plans to adopt another baby at this time.” Sandra also emphatically told them that she is “not romantically involved” with Ryan Reynolds.

Well, there you go folks! It’s a shame some people will make up stories just to make their magazine sell!

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