Reese Witherspoon’s Tattoo Symbolize New Life and Love

Reese Witherspoon

It was a shock to see Reese Witherspoon’s huge tattoo on her lower belly last month. I know that lots of Hollywood stars are getting inked these days but I just never thought Reese would want one too. After she was spotted with the ink art, speculations regarding what it meant surfaced. But I don’t think any of those speculations hit home.

But now, we don’t have to wonder anymore. Reese finally shed some light on her tattoo! It seems that Reese had the star tattoo for some years now. The start itself is tiny and not that noticeable.

A source told US Weekly that after Reese and Jim Toth got married earlier this year, Reese decided to add two birds to the star tattoo. As you’ve probably seen in last month’s picture, the two birds are located in either side of the star.

The source further said, “She wanted to do something new and different for a while. In some ways, [the star tattoos] kind of symbolized their new life and love together.”

Aww! Now we know! I think those are great things to symbolize.

And by the way Reese and her hubby Jim love the tattoo.

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