Katie Holmes is Afraid of the Dark, Kimberly Stewart Gave Birth

Katie Holmes. Kimberly Stewart and Gisele Bundchen

• Are you afraid of the dark? Katie Holmes apparently is after filming her latest flick “Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.”Also, after reading the script, Katie had to turn on all the lights in her house because she thought she heard noises in her home. She also made sure Suri was close to her when they slept. Katie also revealed some of the things she disliked, for example the furry and creepy crawly creatures that they had in the movie. She said those creatures could invade our houses any time and we may not even know it! Don’t worry about those creepy crawly creatures because Tom is there to protect you!

• About holding a child close, new mom Kimberly Stewart is certainly doing that! Kimberly, daughter of Rod Stewart, gave birth to a baby girl on Sunday in Los Angeles. The father of her baby is Benicio del Toro; although they are not together as a couple, his rep said that Benicio is very supportive about the baby. Their baby girl weighed 8lbs. 9 oz. when she was born. She doesn’t have a name yet as of now. Grandpa Rod must be very excited!

• Supermodel Gisele Bundchen and hubby Tom Brady are proclaimed the highest-paid celebrity couple. Their combined earnings last year amounted to $76 million USD. Gisele earned $45 million while Tom got $31. The life they must lead. Well they earned it with their hard work!

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