Robert Pattinson Debuts Nasty Hairstyle!

Robert Pattinson Nasty Hairstyle

With the Twilight: Breaking Dawn filming over, Robert Pattinson is now free to do what he wants with his hair. I’ve gotten so used to his signature Edward Cullen hairstyle, you know the unruly and think mop on his head so I’m really shocked to see his new do! It’s a not a hairstyle that one could be proud of actually.

Rob premiered his new hair on Friday morning after filming scenes for Cosmopolis in Toronto, Canada. His new hair is cut almost to the skull! And the worst thing is, some bare patches show all over his head! This doesn’t seem to be a work of a professional so it was probably cut as a part of scene in the movie.

Robert can also be seen sporting several types of hair styles in the movie like the slicked back hair and another edgy cut.

Anyway, it will grow back soon so we’ll be seeing the Rob we’ve always known and admired!

But honestly, what do you think of Robert Pattinson’s new cut?

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