Robert Pattinson Has an Ideal Wedding in Mind!

Robert Pattinson

Itís not ladies who project a picture in their minds of what their wedding is going to be like in the future, men do as well; some, not all. Among these few is your favorite Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson! Rob already has an ideal wedding in mind and he shared that with Heat magazine.

This is what he said, ďI imagine it to be pretty simple. Itís not exactly my style to fly in 500 different celebrities from around the world. My best friends now are the same best friends I had before everything got a little crazy. I would want it to be just family and close friends, not somebody Iíve said hello to once at an awards ceremony.Ē Good point here Rob!

He already has a style and guest list in mind, but what about the locations? Well, it definitely wonít be in the United States, sorry gals. He wants it in his home country England of course.

There are still some bits though that is quite interesting, although it would disappoint some ladies out there for sure. But for me itís something that I find quite admirable. You see, Rob isnít into casual relationships. Heís really looking to have ďa family with two or three kids.Ē

This is a whole new perspective to his personality. It shows heís old fashioned in some way, and I like it, makes him more endearing!

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