Is Demi Moore Looking Skinny These Days?

Demi Moore

Itís been a while since we got a glimpse of Demi Moore, so Iím a little surprised on how she looks. I believe sheís lost weight. You see she attended the Samsung Hope for Children Gala in New York City yesterday looking gaunt I have to say. Her shoulder blades seemed to stick out in her sleeveless dress.

At 48, gravity has really caught up with her. Her twins didnít look good in the dress. Perhaps she should have worn a bra or something to give them a little lift.

Her black dress, though it was a Louis Vuitton, didnít do much for her. Now her Jimmy Choo strappy heels were another thing. They looked great!

What do you think? Is Demi too thin or the dress just didnít suit her?

By the way, Demi attended the gala alone. Her hubby Ashton Kutcher must have been busy filming Two and A Half Men.

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