Justin Timberlake Opens Up About Past Loves


If I were you I’d make sure to grab a copy of Vanity Fair July edition. Justin Timberlake opened up about his future plans and his love life to the magazine! Very rarely does Justin share things like this so it would be a shame to pass up this chance.

In the interview, Justin clearly said that Jessica Biel, whom he only broke up with in March, remains the most significant person in his life. He also referred to her as “the most special person” in his 30 years. However, that’s all he shred about her saying, “I don’t want to say much more, because I have to protect things that are dear to me – for instance, her.”

He also talked about his young love Britney Spears. He revealed that they haven’t spoken in 9 or 10 years! Who would’ve thought? Giving a hint of their past relationship he said, “We were two birds of the same feather, small-town kids, doing the same thing. But then you become adults, and the way you were as kids doesn’t make sense anymore.” And after all that they’ve been through, Justin wishes only the best for Brit.

As for his future plans, Justin is considering the idea of marriage. But as to when or with who is still a mystery.

Right now he’s happy doing movies. He has two movies coming soon. He stars in Bad Teacher with Cameron Diaz and Friends with Benefits with Mila Kunis.

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