Robert Pattinson Suits Up and Look Glam on Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson

Heís got a new flick coming up. Robert Pattinson recently announced that he had began filming Cosmopolis and just days after a fresh photo surfaced on the web. Rob was in a suit and though he looked quite somber in it, one canít deny that the change from teen vamp throb to debonair certainly doesnít need telling.

Caitlin Cronenberg, sheís only the directorís daughter, mind you, took the still photo during on the set of Cosmopolis in Toronto. This is the very first glimpse of Rob and co-star, Sarah Gadon on their new film where Rob plays the part of a multimillionaire who makes an odyssey around Manhattan in search of a haircut. Sarah plays his wife in the film.

The film is set to come out sometime in 2012 and this David Cronenberg drama is certainly something to look forward to, if only by Robís fans.

The photo shows the two exchanging a romantic glance and itís up to you, fans out there, to determine if they have chemistry.

So, what is it to be? Should Kirsten step aside for a while?

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