Nicolas Cage: Drunk and Arrested

Nicolas Cage

OMG! What’s with these actors? Nicolas Cage was recently arrested in New Orleans for domestic battery and disturbing the peace.

Apparently Nicolas was seen arguing with his wife, Alice on the block of Dumaine Street, N.O. about the exact address of the apartment they were renting. When his wife disagreed, he grabbed her arm and tried to take her to the address he believed was the right one. According to sources, Nicolas also began to strike vehicles and even attempted to get a taxi.

The police who came to assess the situation found a “heavily intoxicated Cage and ordered him out of the cab,” and according to NOPD there were no visible signs of injury on Alice’s arm. He wasn’t supposed to be arrested if he hadn’t taunted the police officer with “Why don’t you just arrest me?” Talk about being high-handed, huh.

His bond was set at $11,000 and he was then released when Duane “Dog” Chapman paid it for him. In fact Nicolas was lucky Alice wasn’t keen on pressing charges.

On the other hand, Nicolas better be prepared for his appearance in court on May 31.

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