Catherine Zeta-Jones Battles Her Own Health Problem

Catherine Zeta-Jones with Michael Douglas

She’s checked herself into a mental health facility to battle her own health problem. Catherine Zeta-Jones was diagnosed with bipolar II disorder and to right herself, she has sought the help of professionals to deal with this sickness. Shocking, indeed!

Mrs. Michael Douglas has been very brave during the time when it was her husband who was fighting his throat cancer and now that he has got the clean bill of health from his doctors, it’s his turn to be there for his wife. According to reports Michael went with Catherine to Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut where she checked in for five days.

Apparently the stress from her husband’s illness became too much and this in part triggered her bipolar disorder. A source close to the couple said that it’s been “hard” for Catherine, especially the past year. It’s certainly admirable of her to be so strong for her husband and to admit to herself that she also needs treatment. Right, peepz?

Be strong, Catherine, your family, friends and fans are there to support you.

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