Vanessa Hudgens Going Romantic with Josh Hutcherson?

Vanessa Hudgens with Josh Hutcherson

Hmm, is there a romance brewing between Vanessa Hudgens and Josh Hutcherson? The two have been spotted together several times already. They’re probably just hanging out because of their movie “Journey 2: The Mysterious Island.” Since they keep hanging out they probably know each other too well by now and are more at ease working together. Do you think that’s the reason? Nah! I don’t think it is!

Over the weekend the two were seen getting cozy at the L.A. Lakers Game! They kept leaning close together as they talked throughout the game. But you know what? When they weren’t watching basketball, they were out shopping!

Josh kept following Vanessa around when she shopped at a private Jimmy Choo and Palazzo Las Vegas. A bystander described them, “They were all smiles and adorable all evening.”

Hmm, I firmly believe romance is brewing here!

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