Christina Aguilera and Boyfriend Land in Jail!

Christina Aguilera

Oh my, the scrapes that Christina Aguilera is getting into these days are just getting worse! Is she heading for a breakdown? Most probably! Her recent misconduct cased her to land in jail!

Christina and her boyfriend Mathew Rutler were taken into custody by the Los Angeles sheriff 2:45 a.m. yesterday morning. They came from a party and both were intoxicated, we all know thereís no problem about getting drunk as long as you donít drive! But that rule probably slipped from Rutlerís mind. This landed him in jail with a $5,000 bail.

The police noticed immediately noticed the Mustang being driven erratically on the road and immediately flagged it down. He was put in jail soon after. Christina was just a passenger during that time but the police took her into custody as well since she was so drunk she couldnít take care of herself.

L.A. county spokesperson said that Christina wonít be prosecuted. Taking Christina into custody was just a safety precaution. She was immediately released when she was able to make her own way home.

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