Eva Longoria Lasers Off Wedding Reminder

Eva Longoria

Even though a marriage is over, there are still traces left behind from the relationship. But Eva Longoria is ensuring all visible traces of her marriage to Tony Parker are removed, including the VII VII MMVI or 07/07/07 tattoo on the inside of her wrist. This is the date of her and Tony Parkerís wedding.

On Saturday she waved her right to the cameras as she and her two friends went to the Jeremy Rennerís 40th birthday party. Thatís when the photographers saw that she no longer has the tattoo there. She probably got it removed by laser surgery because only a shadowy reminder of the tattoo is whatís left on her wrist.

And you know what? The divorce is not the only thing that Evaís dealing with. Her Beso restaurant in Las Vegas has gone bankrupt and one of her investors is suing her for $4 million. The investor Mali Nachum claims that out of the $1 million that Eva lent to the company that backed Beso, Eva would gain $4.6 million interest in just two years. As of now thereís still no response from Evaís camp.

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