Britney Spears to Get Butt-Long Hair Extensions

Britney Spears

Britney Spears wants a new look for the New Year! She wants super long hair extensions for her new look! Now donít react violently just yet. To avoid the nest-like and icky-looking hair extensions that Brit had sported on several occasions, the 29-year-old pop princess decided to seek the help of Kim Vo who is a renowned stylist in Beverly Hills.

Just to clear things up, Kim Vo was not the one responsible for Britís faulty hair extensions in the past.

However, Vo might have a hard time working with Brit because the pop star is known for having a changeable mind when it comes to her hair. A source said that Brit wants hair extensions up to her butt but a week or two theyíll cut it again most likely.

Super long hair extensions or not, Iím excited to see Britís new look for the start of 2011!

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