Tony Parker and Erin Barry: Cheaters?

Tony Parker Erin Barry and Eva Longoria

Amidst speculation about the recent divorce of Eva Longoria and Tony Parker, the alleged mistress in the person of Erin Barry surfaced. Seems the two have been exchanging inappropriate text messages! Eva reportedly read hundreds of these messages and it prompted her to file for divorce.

But just who is Erin Barry, anyway? She’s the wife of Brent Barry, Parker’s former teammate. It’s a puzzle as to how she got herself involved in this mess, considering that she’s one of those model wives who immerse herself in supporting her husband in his career, a devoted mom and a charitable works enthusiast.

Sources close to Parker say that the two did have a “sexting relationship” that ended months ago but denied that Parker had any physical relationship with Erin, according to TMZ. So, what do we make of this? Is not actually doing the deed considered not cheating?
If we ask their partners, Eva and Brent, they would say it is cheating. They wouldn’t be filing for divorce otherwise, right?

Oh well, when the furor dies down, they’ll just be another addition to Tinseltown’s failed marriages. Nothing new there!

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