Britney Spears’ Life Could be in Danger!

Britney Spears

That is terrible news indeed! Britney Spears’ people fear for her life due to the sexual harassment case filed against her by former bodyguard, Fernando Flores.

According to reports, Flores wants the case heard in a civil court but Britney’s legal counsels are asking that it be moved to a probate court where information during the trial cannot be made public. They are afraid a “shake down” will happen if confidential and personal information is exposed by her former bodyguard.

Flores is accusing the pop star of having made sexual advances to him while he was still in her service by walking around her home naked, among others. This is one instance where I can’t believe Britney will do; maybe this guy is just out to extort money from her. That’s not unheard of, especially in Hollywood, where people often take advantage of celebrities.

Reports say that a hearing regarding the subject is due at the end of the month. Let’s hope the judge will be agreeable to the request of Britney, if only to shield her from more public scandal. She doesn’t need it at this time when she’s slowly recovering her former status in the music world.

By Ruthel

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