Glee Stars on Wild Photo Shoot for GQ

Have you checked out who are on the GQ magazine cover this November? Itís three of your favourite Glee stars Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, and Cory Monteith. If you see their photos, no doubt youíll realize that they had a very racy photo shoot indeed!

On the cover youíll see the three of them-Dianna wearing a short skirt and shirt that exposes her midriff, Cory fully clothed with gray pants and blue and white striped shirt. Now Lea Michele on the other hand only had panties, an exposed bra, knee-high socks and pink high heels. Lea was the most daring of them all. Are you surprised? Iím not because sheís so used to exposing her body. Remember she already went naked on Broadway then she also went topless for Marie Claire UK recently.

Itís really disturbing to see them in such provocative poses, especially Lea Michele whose shots are mostly of her in her underwear. Maybe I was wrong because I thought Glee was a family show. It has a young fan base and this would be a bad example for them.

Do you find this cover classy? That one is actually not that bad. Itís whatís inside thatís worse. Frankly I think itís kind of trashy. Why did they have to make this kind of photo shoot? Exposing lots of skin for the sake of publicity? Glee is already riding high in terms of ratings so I donít think they need any more publicity. The show is doing fine on its own.

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