Katy Perry Pays $200’000 To Send Russell Brand to Space!

Katy Perry and Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s 35th birthday will literally be out of this world as Katy Perry surprised him with a trip to space. Yes, she is willing to pay more than $200’000 to send English Comedian Russell out of the earth, I am guessing he is starting to get on Katy’s nerves… why else will she send him to space??

Jokes aside, I think that if Russell actually enjoys space then this is truly one of the most romantic gifts a 35 year old man can get from his fiancé. Russell recently acted ‘Get him to the Greek’ and lent his voice to the hilarious cartoon ‘Despicable Me’. Whilst Katy will release her new album ‘Teenage Dream’ august 24, although some of the singles where leaked on the internet.

After a long on and off relationship with Travis McCoy, Katy settled with Russell and in the beginning of this year they weirdly cute couple announced their engagement. Honestly, I think they are a match made in heaven as they have so much in common and not just the purple wig! Russell may seem out of this world as he is always in a comedic role but he cares a lot about world issues; in 2009 he sent a letter to the Independent with a bunch of other celebrities to condemn Israel’s assault in Gaza.

Back to space, Russell will have to train for three days before he can make his trip and the spacecraft is still in testing stages. In this world he is that weird, I wonder how Russell will be after his trip out of the earth. Let’s hope he will arrive safely.

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