Lindsay’s New Cell Mate: Twizzlers!!

Lindsay Lohan and Twizzlers

Who loves the famous snack Twizzlers? I know Lindsay Lohan definitely does! Apparently, life without Twizzlers and a pillow could be hell, well for Lindsay Lohan, at least. Yes, Ms Lilo does not have a pillow in jail! Somebody, call for help!! According to reports, Lindsay Lohan does not have a pillow in jail, not that that should be the number one thing in a convict’s mind but things change.

Mother, Dina Lohan, is furious about not being able to hug her daughter, who in her mind is ‘’being treated as an actual criminal’’. Um… where have you been Dina, in bed with your cozy pillow? She broke legal laws regarded of what the action was that’s not a deviant act! It’s a CRIMINAL one!

It has been said that Lindsay ‘No Pillow’ Lohan would be released on Sunday or Monday and hopefully she’ll be given a pillow at her welcome home party. After she enjoys the comfort of a fresh pillow, Lindsay might be nominated for a Grammy with a ‘hit’ song she has been working on in jail. Maybe that’s why she needed all that Twizzler; sugar helps us think doesn’t it?

With all the creative things Lindsay came up with while serving time in jail, we would probably see new fashion lines, a new album and when all the new ideas run out, who knows, Lindsay might get herself arrested again in order to be inspired.

Good work, Lilo! At least we now know she’s not just a spoilt brat with no pillow!

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