More Judges News from Idol as Kara DioGuardi is Kicked off the Panel!

Kara DioGuardi

This morning’s rumor was about Ellen DeGeneres’ leave from American Idol but was that rumor false? I ask so because the new rumor is about Kara DioGuardi’s leave. So, American Idol fans, which is it? I know! In fact, Ellen did leave but is Kara being kicked out? Again, in fact she has been.

According to reports, Kara has been fired after two years of being part of the top reality show in America. It is not clear why she has been dismissed but according to sources, she found it ‘’very hard’’ being on the panel especially judging together with the ‘’iconic figures’’ on the show. Rumor also has it that Kara would be replaced by new mother Jennifer Lopez that has stole our hearts with her number one songs such as ‘’Love don’t cost a thing’’. I’m sure you all know Jennifer Lopez (aka J. Lo)!!

Aerosmith fans buckle up for this! It has been said that Steven Tyler of Aerosmith would be taking the place of Simon Cowell, although it has not been confirmed yet. Therefore, the panel would go back to being a three-judge-panel just like it was during the first seven seasons of the show. Although we would be seeing new faces and hearing new comments from these famous artists, would the show ever be the same without Simon?

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